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The Customer

Florida’s City Furniture chain is a local business rich in history. Starting in the summer of 1971 as Waterbed City, Tamarac’s City Furniture has grown to become South Florida’s leading Furniture Company. With over 26 City Furniture and Ashley Furniture HomeStore locations across South Florida, West Florida, and Central Florida, the entire City Furniture team is committed to offering quality home furnishings to consumer markets across the state.


City Furniture’s business model for technology included outsourcing x86 and networking technologies to IBM Cloud to support their company’s non-digital IT environment. The client did not have available resources to support this endeavor and went to IBM for this type of solution.
As time went on, City Furniture had numerous issues with availability as well as timely updates and was dissatisfied as IBM did not meet management or performance expectations for the environments networking and VMware components.


Once CloudHesive was engaged by City Furniture, we started with assessing the client’s current environment and recommending migrating VMware onto IBM Cloud to AWS and redesign networking components. Once the migration was completed, CloudHesive assumed CloudHesive Managed Services for the new AWS environment.


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How AWS services were used as part of the solution

Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) program was used to assess environment’s Direct Connect, replace existent IBM networking, CloudEndure used for migration of VMWARE on IBM Cloud to AWS. CloudHesive implemented tools including AWS CloudWatch, Sumo Logic and Datadog to manage their environment.

Third party applications used

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