Media Box

Media Box provides complete Over the Top (OTT) programming and streaming services for broadcaster. The Centricity Media Box platform provides functionality that no other provider offers on top of Amazon Elemental

Standard functionality in Media Box
  • Realtime dashboards
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Detailed analytics driven from the player
  • Custom content delivery
  • Real time event management
  • Video library recording and search capabilities

Out with the Old, in with the New

The Centricity Media Box Module provides users insight into viewership behavior, for example, peak concurrent users for a given program. Additionally, it provides the ability to manage live events, including the capture, tagging and posting to customer’s Content Management Systems (CMS) for future playback. Build first-class video streams for distribution to broadcast tv and multiscreen devices that connect to the internet such as, TVs, tablets, smart phones, and cable boxes.


Content is King

With CloudCDN+ Broadcasters can now seamlessly deliver their content to the masses and media companies can optimize their content for all mobile devices. CloudCDN+ offers a range of live video streaming solutions for live sports, ministries, and other time-sensitive events. Our cloud-based, end-to-end workflow and automatic transcoding and transmuting on-the-fly to multiple formats simplifies the process of delivering high-quality live streaming content to any device.

Modern OTT Solution

Consumers’ viewing behaviors are changing. Over The Top (OTT) content delivery is becoming the preferred delivery mechanism for companies that are embracing their customer’s media consumption habits. The Centricity MediaBox OTT platform helps companies easily encode, store, distribute, stream and manage both linear and live content. This platform integrates with and take’s advantage of AWS’ Edge Services such as CloudFront and Media Services such as Media Live and Media Package. The MediaBox platform helps our customer’s turn their media assets into revenue generating assets, allows them to manage both live and recorded streams and content, provides real-time and historical viewer analytics and provides a content library to help manage your media assets.

Content delivery network

Powered by Amazon CloudFront, at highly discounted rates, with a minimal commitment, and feature/function/price competitive to the incumbents.

Turnkey solution

Provides an ingestion point (for you to send your streams to) and an embeddable player (for you to embed into your CMS), including a multiplatform player and with optional support for Satellite downlinking.

A single pane of glass

Control channel state and status, configure events, retrieve past events, a media library with categorization support and end-to-end stream-to-user analytics providing both real-time and historical insight into viewership.

24x7 live linear

Streamline the launch and scale the reach of new channels and video services with glass-to-glass 24/7 broadcasting solutions that combine content sourcing, formatting, distribution and monetization.


Extend live broadcast offerings via replays, highlights clips, catch-up TV, and other on-demand use cases to maximize revenues while streamlining video delivery operations.


End-to-end workflows from AWS Elemental accommodate both existing and emerging technologies to encode, package and deliver multi-DRM adaptive bitrate video streams to any device.

Unified Headend

Implement a cost-saving unified headend strategy to consolidate video processing that supports traditional broadcast and multiscreen delivery.

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