The time when it seemed acceptable for an assistant to occasionally answer calls seems to be
in the past. Over time, business employees have become increasingly required to dedicate
themselves to Customer Service. The current major challenge, when delivering a high level of
service, relies on having the necessary tools to be able to work remotely.
Now that the Central Call Center has become obsolete, it has become necessary to think of a
solution that can both address and resolve customer demands, through the many
communication channels available.
This new era demands an Omnichannel Contact Center that can instantly respond to the
several customers, through different communication channels such as: email, WhatsApp, voice
call, Chatbot, WebChat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram, among others. In
addition, it has the capacity to integrate with CRM, ERP, BBDD, Internal Systems, Billing
Systems or Payment Collection Systems, to carry out any type of queries, sales transaction, or
invoicing, etc.
A Cloud Contact Center can provide this solution! Only the cloud is able to meet customer’s
expectations: improving agent’s productivity as well as customer experience across vocal and
digital platforms, with an all-in-one contact center. This contact center should be customized
in scale according to customer demand, offering the flexibility of incorporating tens of
thousands of agents to work remotely. This enables companies to reduce their overheads by
up to 80%, when compared to traditional call centers, as well as avoiding minimum fees, long-
term commitments, or upfront license fees.
ConnectPath CX is a Contact Center as a Service Solution Platform powered by Amazon
Connect, which combines a fully-featured agent panel in the cloud, offering a pay-as-you-go
service, at an affordable price. Unlike expensive server-based systems or time-consuming
custom builds, ConnectPath CX can be deployed immediately, thereby enhancing Amazon
Connect’s scalability capabilities, as well as being more cost-effective.

Why ConnectPath CX? The platform offers:

Management excellence: real time agent’s monitoring and task queues, advanced
activity filtering, silent monitoring/training, recording playback and download,
broadcast announcements of the whole team or individual groups, and more.
Enhanced team collaboration: When responding to customer issues, operators can
check availability and instantly connect with other colleagues for assistance.
ConnectPath CX allows them to open a chat or make a voice call with a single click.
Improved reporting: Real-time reporting with statistics and key performance indicators
(KPIs) enables supervisors to efficiently manage and monitor operators and queues; as
well as seamlessly accelerate response time in the contact center.
Direct Integration: ConnectPath CX provides robust, pre-formatted templates, with
leading CRM solutions (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk and Epic), so that operators have the right information at hand when resolving issues, and maintaining
client satisfaction.


• Easy to configure and operate
• Scalability and flexibility
• Reliability
• Pay-as-you-go
• AI ready
• Sales management
• Saved in all the notes and records
• Supervision and help in real time
• Message sending between operators

Main Features

• Contact details and profile exchange
• Capability based on targeting
• Statistics monitoring in real time
• Natural language chatbots using Amazon Lex
• Outgoing calls
• High quality audio
• Integrations
• Targeted advertising