Digital Transformation for top rated Sports Channel in Argentina

TyC Sports is an Argentine pay television sports channel, based in Buenos Aires. In Argentina, its programming schedule is 24/7 and the first level events transmitted from its signal includes “Fifa World Cup”, “Copa América de Fútbol” and Argentina national football matches, the Argentina Open and other sports.

The Challenge

Large volumes of information and content to be shared with TyC customer included:

  • The implementation of a secure signal drop, 24/7, without dependencies on technology or channel infrastructure.
  • The development of injection points that were not tied to any physical infrastructure.
  • The development of a robust and elastic architecture application, with the ability to grow during short periods of event transmission.
  • The generation of an easily consumable event catalog by the CORE application.
  • The implementation of a simple architecture, based on AWS PaaS services, with the ability to absorb future developments.
  • The development of a service to make live and library content available in new applications and Industry Players.


The Solution

Our teams absorbed the challenge points into a clear and precise roadmap. Thus, some of the items implemented were: 

  • Administration back Office with the ability to manage content injection, develop the library, organize events and agenda.
  • Front End application adaptable to different media and contents, intuitive and very easy to navigate.
  • Set “Serverless” with Elemental PaaS tools, designed to scale and adapt robustly to audience changes.


The Results

Our Solutions implemented allowed TyC SPorts to meet their existing needs and expand their future projection, on the way to attracting new audiences.

Technologies Leveraged

  • AWS Elemental MediaLive
  • AWS Elemental MediaStore
  • Amazon Cloudfront
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Cloudwatch
  • Amazon CloudFront