Radixx is a growing force in the travel industry. One area that Radixx focuses on is how to develop solutions to stay competitive and remain ahead of certain market trends. Radixx handles the e-commerce platform for small, mid-sized, and large airlines on a global scale. The Radixx platform provides flight scheduling,flight pricing, sells seats, manages frequent fly programs and controls add-on options such as baggage charges for many global airlines. In all, the company deals with billions of dollars in transactions over their cloud environment, so its paramount that their systems are available, scalable, and secure.


How does Radixx, an emerging industry leader, keep their focus on growing their company while maintaining excellent customer support, scaling their applications, increasing performance and data security? One way is to use CloudHesive to build out their cloud strategy, implement their cloud solution, migrate their workloads, and monitor the environment going forward. Since Radixx does not have to focus on scaling up their internal infrastructure as demand for their services increases, they can focus on their core primary mission which is running and developing mission critical software and services for the airline industry.


“Not only do we have a lot of money coming through our network, but because of that we are subject to some intense auditing regimes, and CloudHesive has put together a network that is secure and is always in compliance with those regimes.” – Mike Barrera, CIO at Radixx


CloudHesive is recognized for developing cutting edge and cost effective cloud solutions for their customers base. These solutions provide function with the highest levels of availability, and are wrapped with a collage of security tools to increase the customers security posture.


The Challenge: Drastic growth with far too many projects and the need to scale rapidly


Radixx was transforming through drastic growth and needed a solution that would scale with their expansion. They also wanted an OpEx strategy rather than continuing to buy servers and building out data centers. They had dealt with the constant hardware refresh cycles that they couldn’t keep up with and performance was an issue for their customers. Radixx also was required to be compliant with the Payment Card Industry security standards.


“The cloud requires measure of management responsibility that a company has to take on. There is a learning curve that you have to do, and there is a robust infrastructure to prepare and to learn. We are growing so fast; we do not have the time to do all of that. CloudHesive is like an extra set of hands for our company.” – Mike Barrera, CIO at Radixx


As with most IT departments, Radixx’s internal team was managing the core mission critical application and doing a heroic job of keeping the company running on a day to day basis. They didn’t have the time to quickly determine the companies cloud strategy, deploy the solution, and then wrap it with security controls. CloudHesive helped them build their cloud strategy and then implemented their next generation architecture, for reservations and kiosk management systems, on IBM- SoftLayer and Amazon Web Services. Thousands of reservations come through their systems each day, and Radixx knew they needed a robust and reliable technological foundation to build on.


The Solution: A partnership to help them stay secure while giving them a cloud strategy that works


CloudHesive started working with Radixx by analyzing their application environment. Once the initial assessment was completed and the new cloud architecture was approved, the environment that was designed was then deployed on top of IBM – SoftLayer as well as on Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a portion of the architecture, CloudHesive wrapped the newly deployed environments with security controls. This increased the security posture of Radixx’s production cloud environment.


CloudHesive manages the Radixx environment end-to-end which includes the security monitoring and maintenance. The solution that was deployed allows Radixx to remain highly secure and maintian goverance over its compliance controls. CloudHesive also provides real-time security and environment monitoring to ensure that data is protected and Radixx’s mission critical systems are operating at peak performance at all times.


With billions of dollars moving through Radixx’s network, security and performance are more than a passing concern, and CloudHesive understands the needs for maintaining PCI-compliant environments and ensures the financial and personal data is protected.


The Benefits: Are you ready to focus on your core business? Managed Cloud Services is the right choice for you!


Had Radixx been required to keep up with security and network growth while the company was dramatically growing, something might have fallen through the cracks. Instead, CloudHesive provided the support needed, and they provided the infrastructure that allows them to grow without fear of losing their technical advantages. Radixx saw immediate benefits by infusing their team with cloud expertise through partnership with CloudHesive. They were able to increase their speed to market on new services, increased their products availability, increased the performance of their environment , and increased their customer satisfaction. This allows companies like Radixx to spend more time focusing on their business model, core service offering and less time worrying about their cloud infrastructure and security posture.


With CloudHesive, a company can start small or they can do as Radixx did and have CloudHesive assist with building their cloud strategy, implementing the architecture, deploying security controls and then manage the environment going forward. It is CloudHesive’s goal to meet the needs of each customer and to ensure they are treated as a partner.


Partnering with CloudHesive helps organizations focus on their own mission and growth while increasing agility, scalability, and expertise.


Services that Drive Success


Managed Security Services:

  • End point security, Intrusion detection, Encryption as a Service (EaaS), centralized log management and other security controls
  • End-to-end management of the security tools and processes
  • Weekly reporting and assistance with compliance audits

Managed Services:

  • Complete end-to-end monitoring and management of the environment
  • Managed patching, backups and oversight of the environment
  • Governance of the production environment


  • Deployment of Octopus for continuous deployments in a Windows environment
  • Built the deployment scripts for the deployment of the environment

Customer Benefits

  • Faster application performance
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increase uptime
  • Successful migration to the cloud
  • Increased Scalability, Flexibility and Agility
  • Increased Security Posture

Technologies Leveraged

  • .NET Platform
  • Cloud Services – SoftLayer and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Vormetric
  • Alert Logic
  • Trend Micro
  • DataDog
  • Sumologic