Data analytics consolidation for Chilean Financial Institution

Bank of the State of Chile, commercially operating under the brand Banco Estado, is the only Public Bank in Chile. It provides financial services to consumers and companies, with a focus on national coverage in terms of geography and social sectors and a particular emphasis on small and medium businesses, although it serves all types of businesses. It is the country’s largest mortgage lender and largest issuer of debit cards.

The Challenge

Banco Estado had the need to unify its data, from different sources, in a centralized repository. Its objective was to incorporate an analytical process of the data and develop Machine Learning solutions.

The client required to have personalized reports on the structure of their information.

For this, the supplement (during the process) of cleaning data, logs, flat files and work with different sources was a fundamental element.

The Solution

Banco Estado required the design of a specific solution for its challenge, based on Serverless components for the processing and quality of data in S3 as the main repository.

For this, Python was used on Lambda, allowing an incremental data ingestion pipeline.

As for the Data Warehouse, Redshift was used, a strategic decision that enabled the PowerBI connection to the Cluster, so that the Bank’s analysts do not modify their information access tools for the generation of regulatory reports.

The Results

Our Solution implemented allowed Banco Estado a scalable, secure and open source to subsequent integration with new sources

Technologies Leveraged:  AWS S3 and Lambda