Only an AWS Partner can help you leverage all the benefits of the AWS ecosystem

Key Takeaways:

  • The AWS Partner Network is made up of vetted, experienced, certified companies that provide migration and managed services that enable you to get the most from the AWS platform
  • Many claim proficiency, but few can execute an AWS migration cost-effectively with fast time-to-value
  • Internal IT teams likely do not have the required skills, and their time is better spent on internal projects and cleaning up apps and data prior to migration
  • After migration, your AWS Partner provides managed services with a team that quickly responds 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and serves as a single point of contact
  • AWS Partner Network members keep up with the latest technology, can proactively anticipate problems, and quickly resolve any issues that do come up

When it comes to an effective, efficient, and secure migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), it is not just about what you know – it is who you know. Many companies will claim they can move your company onto AWS, but to reap all of the benefits of AWS, you need to work with an official AWS partner.

The AWS Partner Network (APN) consists of a community of partners scattered across the globe that offer their expertise to clients. They can both accelerate your cloud migration and also help you realize the full benefits of AWS.

To join the APN, companies must demonstrate competency in their area(s) of expertise and receive service validations that ensure they are using best practices to support the unique needs of each customer. Working with an AWS partner means you’re working with a company that intimately understands the ecosystem and can expertly execute your migration.

Using the Amazon Partner Network can save a lot of headaches

Cloud migration has challenges, not the least of which is technical expertise. Your in-house IT team likely doesn’t have the required skills, and choosing a cloud migration partner that lacks AWS experience can result in missteps that cost both time and money.

With their competency partner program, AWS Partners are vetted and validated before they can receive competency designation. These partners have specialized expertise, demonstrated technical proficiency, and use best practices when designing your migration strategy. 

Organizations that migrate to AWS can accelerate their migration and time-to-value by using an AWS Partner that has proven expertise and verifiable customer success in migrating applications and legacy infrastructure. This comes along with technical expertise that spans industries, use cases, and workloads. 

The benefits of working with an AWS Network Partner

Working with an AWS Partner can revolutionize your business by delivering great value while boosting agility and lowering costs. In addition, your company gets:

1. Expert help: Your IT team is great, but a move to the cloud takes experts in strategy as well as building your cloud environment. Members of the APN know how to address your unique business needs with innovative, timely, and dependable solutions to foster business growth before, during, and after your migration.

Your AWS Partner also will handle things like access control, configurations, manage your security, and implement a disaster recovery plan. They also can provide training of internal staff, process design, and other activities to make sure your migration and implementation are successful.

2. Efficiency: It’s not just about an efficient migration but also efficient use of your internal resources. An AWS network partner can do the heavy lifting required for migration while your IT staff improves applications and cleans up the data you’ll be moving to the cloud.

3. A single point of contact and help when you need it: Your migration partner is a specialized team. They know your business and the people within it, and they can monitor your platform 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to both anticipate and solve any problems that might arise.

When changes come up, such as a surge in traffic to your eCommerce site, your AWS Partner can add additional services for the event and scale down when necessary.

4. Improvement – continuously: Businesses change and evolve, and how you use your cloud platform changes, too. Your AWS Partners are experts at predicting change, finding opportunities, and optimizing the use of resources to keep you on the cutting edge. You want a partner that keeps up with AWS news, upgrades in services, and other information that keeps you current.

AWS offers many advantages, including storage, analytics, and state-of-the-art security. To leverage all of these benefits, you need the expert help that only comes with a member of the Amazon Partner Network. 

What to look for in an AWS Partner

An AWS  Premier Partner is the highest level of achievement among AWS Partners. These companies are recognized as leaders in their market with deep technical expertise, multiple partner validations, and success working with a large customer base at scale. There are stringent knowledge, experience, and customer success requirements that must be met. 

Because Amazon prides itself on its customer service, APN is no different. Partners participate in the APN Customer Satisfaction Program, and they are provided data to help improve the customer experience. Customers provide reviews, and this feedback mechanism means Partners can facilitate continuous improvement.

Migrating to AWS offers your business a fantastic opportunity to optimize, organize, streamline, and get the data you need to reach and exceed your business goals, but only if your migration is done correctly. Your cloud setup will impact your entire business for years to come, so choose your migration provider carefully. 

CloudHesive – an AWS Premier Partner dedicated to your business success

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