With Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Security, you can achieve superior visibility and control in a dynamic, scaling cloud infrastructure.

If you want to secure something, you must be able to see it. That’s why visibility in the cloud is so incredibly important. Network security visibility is a concern in any environment, but while some naysayers may contend that the cloud makes maintaining accurate visibility even more of a challenge, nothing could be further from the truth.

For companies looking to exploit the many advantages of cloud-based infrastructure, obtaining and maintaining real-time visibility is the cornerstone of real, investment-level security.

That’s the guiding principle behind AWS Cloud Security. It starts with fine-grained identity and access controls. You have complete control over where your data is stored. You decide who has access and what resources they have access to. Want to know what resources your company is using at any given time? The same identity and access controls, in combination with continuous, real-time monitoring, ensure that only users with the proper permissions have the right level of access at all times.

Why you need continuous visibility

You need to know what precisely is happening with your infrastructure, your users, data, and applications all the time. The elastic, on-demand nature of a cloud infrastructure makes this challenging. But the rock-solid control over identity and access of AWS Cloud Security provides visibility that mitigates potential exposure and reduces risk.

With real-time visibility, robust access control becomes simple

Your cloud infrastructure will have many different types of users, and it really doesn’t matter how many total users it has. The most important thing is that users have only the exact level of permissions they require and nothing more.

Some of the most costly data breaches — like the Waymo trade secrets hack that cost Google parent company Alphabet over 1 billion dollars in intellectual property — are caused by users with way more access to corporate networks than is absolutely necessary. That’s where the fine-grained identity and access controls come in. But merely having the capability isn’t enough. System administrators need to have the discipline to set various levels of access for each type of user, and rigorously follow established protocols.

Ideally, each user should have the access they need to accomplish their tasks and nothing more. The higher the level of access, the lower the number of users who should have that level access.

With appropriate access levels determined and assigned, real-time visibility can monitor user activity to make sure there are no deviations from assigned access parameters.

Protect your data as if they were the crown jewels

Data protection is not just essential — it’s the whole point of all this. Your data are your assets, and one of the most vexing challenges for any organization is asset management. Securing what you have requires knowing what you have. With AWS CloudTrail asset management, you’ll always know about every data asset creation event and what exactly was created.

Then, you not only have to protect those assets at rest. You need to protect data assets in use and assets in motion as well. As you probably have already guessed, real-time visibility is critical here. Real-time data visibility makes the use of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) techniques possible. DLP ensures that, if your data were to be compromised, it would be impossible to send it beyond the confines of your network.

It’s all about guarding the privacy of your customers and your organization

When it comes down to it, the purpose of AWS Cloud Security is to protect privacy. That of your enterprise and your most valuable assets — your customers. AWS has a team of experts monitoring their systems 24 hours a day to protect your data assets. Your AWS cloud is built on the most secure infrastructure, and you can rest assured in the knowledge that you always control and own your data.

Let CloudHesive manage your share of the shared security model

Security in the cloud is a collaboration between AWS — your provider – and you. AWS secures the cloud infrastructure and provides many of the tools you need to secure your data and applications within your cloud. But you need to provide the rest of the puzzle to ensure your data is safe.

The shared security model can be an overwhelming process for those not well-versed in the intricacies of cloud computing. That’s where CloudHesvie Managed Security Services comes in.

With Managed Security Services, we step in to help our customers secure, manage and pass compliance audits such as FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI, SOC2 and others. This includes defining your security policies and standards, your security control plane deployment, and managing your security posture across your cloud environment.

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