With the help of ever-changing technology, companies can provide their customers with a more efficient and effective service from every angle. Many practices with traditional call centers are becoming obsolete. Amazon Connect gives you the foundation you need to quickly and easily create a fully featured contact center for your customers.


There’s no question that Amazon Connect offers many solutions to enhance and optimize the customer service experience. Although this is true, some areas could be improved. Overall, it benefits the customer experience, but a few areas could be refined to be more effective and cost-efficient.

At a glance, Amazon Connect has everything you need under one roof, but there are a few areas where it could be improved. CloudHesive saw numerous ways the service could be enhanced. Amazon Connect is useful, but it can be further developed from multiple angles.

With the help of CloudHesive’s ConnectPath, you can take full advantage of what Amazon Connect offers and enjoy better savings and a more optimized workflow. ConnectPath is a contact-center-as-a-solution (CcaaS) service, which includes a vast range of benefits that your business can take advantage of.

What is ConnectPath?

Simply put, this product is a cloud-based CcaaS service, but it’s also much more than that. It is built on the foundation of Amazon Connect but outperforms the base product in different ways. Businesses can enjoy an affordable price for a variety of efficient tools and services that can substantially improve their customer’s service experience.

ConnectPath can bypass time and money constraints such as:

  • On-site server management
  • Custom coding
  • Rigorous testing
  • High costs

ConnectPath accomplishes this by deploying immediately and further enhancing Amazon Connect’s capabilities. 

There are many benefits of working with ConnectPath, regardless of how your business currently handles customer service. From a technical and team-centered perspective, ConnectPath gives you an adaptive environment to work with and the tools needed to deliver an unmatched customer service experience. This provides you with a fully featured contact center that will make life easier for your customers and employees alike.

Notable benefits of a fully featured contact center include:

  • Built-in integrations with CRM solutions
  • Team members can enjoy less downtime
  • Improve the customer experience through efficiency with the help of shared data
  • Personalized and consistent engagement with customers
  • Real-time, accurate agent monitoring to improve performance and tackle objectives

ConnectPath can improve operations from both a customer and employee perspective, and its benefits will deliver a better overall user experience – due in part to the self-service features Amazon Connect offers. 

Of course, your team will always be on standby, but you can optimize your workflow by integrating self-service features. This gives customers the tools they need to help themselves at the click of a button.

How a contact center can offer a better user experience

Amazon Connect offers various tools to enhance your team’s ability to deliver a stellar customer service experience. However, in many circumstances, customers are looking for an immediate answer to their inquiries. This is where self-service integrations come in – a fully featured contact center also includes self-service tools such as AI chatbots and IVR.

You can also customize this to give each customer the option to get in touch through their preferred method, whether via phone call, text message, or email. Moreover, you can offer it in a way that understands their intent, continuously maintains context, and automates the majority of the process. The result is that the customer gets the answer they were looking for, which means that you have a satisfied customer on your hands. The additional benefit is a more efficient workflow for you and your team.

Over time, you can use shared data to innovate and create actionable insights that help you make improvements to the customer experience moving forward. This can help to further reduce costs and develop better outcomes with customer interactions, all with the help of the self-service user interface.

Tips on how to use ConnectPath to benefit your business

Many immediate and short-term benefits are obvious when it comes to ConnectPath, but the long-term advantages can be equally, if not more, beneficial. ConnectPath can benefit every customer, which is also good for your business – and it fully equips your employees to deliver top-notch service to every customer. The included technology, efficiencies, and connections that ConnectPath offers are what give your employees the power to provide exceptional service daily. 

No matter the intricacies of each customer interaction, your team members will be more than equipped to keep every customer satisfied. This is guaranteed to develop confidence within your employees, which will only continue to serve your business for the better.

A satisfied customer is likely to speak to their stellar experience with your business, which will continue to drive new customers your way while ensuring your existing customers keep coming back. Over time, you’ll find that customer retention becomes less costly, revenue will increase, and you’ll generate more leads along the way.

To learn more about what Amazon Connect and our ConnectPath have to offer, take some time to review our case studies, which are full of actional information that will help propel your business forward.