9 reasons why AWS is the #1 choice for businesses of all sizes that want reliability, scalability, and affordability.


Cloud computing has become ubiquitous as more businesses embrace digital transformation and remote work. When they consider moving to the cloud, the first name likely to come up is Amazon Web Services (AWS), and that name comes up first for some very good reasons. AWS was first out of the starting gate in 2008 with public cloud computing, and since then it has emerged as a heavyweight in artificial intelligence, serverless deployments, and machine learning. 

The benefits of AWS cloud are myriad – businesses get a sweeping list of features that aren’t available from other cloud providers along with scalable and affordable pricing. Currently, AWS has more than one-third of the cloud computing market, far ahead of its nearest competitors Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, and for good reason. 

AWS has the cloud’s largest global infrastructure and took the lead in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services due to its superior ability to execute and fullness of its vision. AWS was also recognized for its comprehensive focus on services, ranging from edge computing to managing business-critical workloads. In 2020, 76% of enterprise cloud adopters chose AWS. Here’s why.

Why choose cloud computing?

Cloud computing means migrating data and legacy infrastructure from on-premises, physical servers to the cloud, which offers many advantages:

  • Save money: Expensive servers, maintenance, and high utility bills become a thing of the past with cloud computing, and your IT team can spend their time on projects that add value. Pay-as-you-go pricing means paying for only the computing power you need.
  • Scale as needed: Workload demands peak and ebb. The cloud allows automatic scaling, so you don’t have to add additional equipment for workload spikes only to be stuck paying for the resource after they pass.
  • Reliability: On-premises servers present a risk of data loss. In the cloud, backups are automatic, and the vendor shares some responsibility for disaster recovery.
  • Opportunities: Cloud computing offers technical flexibility, which means your dev teams can accelerate and optimize workflows and development time.
  • Security: It’s incumbent upon cloud services providers to offer state-of-the-art security that meets the latest industry standards and complies with regulations and takes measures to head threats off before they become a problem. AWS cloud uses a shared responsibility model where users are responsible for their side of security, but the cloud security AWS does handle is top-notch.
  • Reliability: Cloud service providers generally guarantee 99% uptime, something you can’t guarantee with on-premises servers.

Now that you know the basics of what cloud computing can offer, let’s talk about why AWS is the preferred choice for businesses worldwide.

9 benefits of AWS cloud

While all cloud providers offer the same basic advantages over on-premises servers, AWS stands out from its competitors. 

1. You can try before you buy

AWS offers a free tier that allows new customers of any size to create an account, activate the services they want to try, and put a credit card on file. This gives you a 12-month window to decide which tools and plans make sense for your business. Some of these are always-free services, and others carry a charge after the 12-month period. 

2. There’s no financial commitment

AWS server-based services are billed by the hour, and there’s no contract or minimum spend. Businesses can start and stop instances as they need and are only billed for services used. 

3. It’s flexible

You can select the operating system, programming language, application platform, and more. AWS makes it easy to upload your chosen service or software to their ecosystem, so there’s no need to use something you and your staff are unfamiliar with just because you’re migrating to the cloud.

4. Geographic diversity for the highest availability

AWS spans the globe with 26 regions with 84 availability zones serving 245 countries and territories. Each region is a fully isolated partition, which makes it easier to isolate and solve any issues or create seamless workarounds when necessary.

5. Ultimate scalability

Auto-scaling observes your applications and automatically adjusts capacity to sustain steady, predictable performance at the lowest cost possible. AWS Auto Scaling makes it fast and easy to set up application scaling for multiple resources spanning multiple services.

6. Ease of use

The AWS management console has an intuitive and simple interface that can be accessed anywhere on any device.

7. Security

AWS offers optimized security to prevent, detect, respond, and remediate any security incidents. These security features include protection when migrating, visibility into your business’ security posture, automated incident response and recovery, and real-time event-driven automation. Amazon Macie even uses machine learning to identify sensitive information within your systems based on analysis of behavior.

The Amazon Partner Network also offers security solutions that complement AWS services and allow you to implement complete and seamless security in both your cloud and on-premises. 

8. A diverse array of tools

It’s not just for storage: AWS offers customers a large selection of cloud-based products that include compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security, as well as enterprise applications. 

9. Reliability

All cloud providers will suffer outages, but the secure and solid server network deployed globally – along with a huge team of technical experts – keeps connections running and allows quick recovery from any outage. The system also learns from each outage to revamp systems and prevent them from going down in the future.

AWS began what was the future of computing and continues to innovate, keeping them at the forefront of cloud service providers. With reliable security, a flexible pay-per-use model, global reach, scalability, and computational power, it’s no wonder that 76% of enterprise cloud adopters chose AWS in 2020, increasing their competitive edge and the value of their business while reaping the benefits of AWS cloud.

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