Amazon Connect’s long-awaited Contact Lens integration launched in July. Learn how this machine learning call analysis solution can identify critical contact center feedback and improve customer outcomes. 

AWS customers anxiously awaited the launch of Contact Lens for Amazon Connect for more than 8 months after Amazon Web Services announced it back in December 2019 — and the consensus is that it’s well worth the wait. 

Contact Lens lets Amazon Connect users glean insights from contact center support calls and chats by using machine learning and AI to analyze those conversations on the spot. This AI integration to Amazon Connect gives you the power to replicate the most successful customer interactions by identifying sentiment, trends, and compliance during each chat or phone call. 

Today’s contact centers are constantly chasing metrics like call duration, customer satisfaction, first-call resolution, contact quality, and more. If you’re running a contact center without Amazon Contact Lens, chances are that your analytics are limited to what your contact center agents manually input after each call. 

There are two problems with that: 

  1. It eats into the time agents could spend on other calls, reducing efficiency and call volume
  2. Agents can only record data; they can’t offer insights into what all those conversations mean or identify trends in customer sentiment or interaction outcomes

The result is that you get data at the price of call volume, or you forgo recording many critical call metrics because the time isn’t there. With Amazon Contact Lens, you don’t have to make that choice because AWS machine learning enables automatic transcription and speech-to-text analytics. 

Contact Lens is designed with these use cases in mind:

  • Realtime monitoring of customer conversations as they’re happening to improve customer sentiment 
  • Finding opportunities to improve customer care, including agent coaching and filtering calls by topic to identify trending issues 
  • Adhering to privacy compliance standards by identifying and redacting private information as each call is processed

Amazon Contact Lens brings deep machine learning to contact centers 

Contact center supervisors want to quantify customer satisfaction and draw insights about metrics that are impossible to glean from an unsearchable audio file. Apart from allotting extra time and resources to process audio files and evaluate the resulting data, there was no easy way to do this before Contact Lens. 

The integration makes it possible to provide instant analytics from automated transcripts with high accuracy, but that’s not all. The machine learning-powered solution can analyze calls in real-time and alert supervisors to the potential need for intervention before the call is even over. 

With Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, a sophisticated natural language processing engine does the following while each call is in progress:

  • Produces an automatic transcript
  • Extracts sentiment
  • Identifies themes (e.g. locked account, bill pay, trouble accessing website) 
  • Finds and redacts personally identifiable information to meet privacy standards 
  • Indexes for search 

Not even the best data scientist can do that with a legacy solution! But with Contact Lens, you don’t even need a data scientist on-site to get detailed insights. There’s no technical expertise needed, and implementation takes a few minutes in Amazon Connect. From there, the insights are provided for you in the form of real-time analytics and detailed reports on your (exceptionally user-friendly) dashboard. 

Contact Lens is now available in all regions Amazon Connect serves.

Additional Amazon Contact Lens features are coming in late 2020

The initial reception for Contact Lens has been strong, so it’s natural that Amazon plans to expand features with the next rollout. In late 2020, Contact Lens will begin offering these features: 

  • Alert supervisors to in-progress calls that require intervention to preserve the customer experience (this feature will be optional)
  • Show sentiment progression of live calls with real-time updating throughout the interaction 

Amazon has a history of surprising its user base with unannounced new features, so it’s possible that these won’t be the only new features released by the end of the year. 

CloudHesive can manage your Amazon Contact Lens AI integration to Amazon Connect 

Integrating with Amazon Contact Lens takes only a few clicks and minutes of your time, but we can take it off your hands at CloudHesive with our Amazon Managed Services.  

We’ll get you up and running with machine learning and AI analytics by managing the integration process (as well as the migration if you’re not yet using Amazon Connect). 

Additionally, getting the most value from Contact Lens means knowing how to access and act on critical insights that can put you ahead of the competition in customer care. 

If Contact Lens is the AI natural speech analytics solution that your contact center needs, then CloudHesive is here to make it happen. Take advantage of our Managed Services offerings to guide you through the best practices to get the most out of Contact Lens.

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