CloudHesive provides Managed Services for Amazon Connect, helping to transform contact centers

CloudHesive was one of the first Amazon-centric Managed Service providers to adopt the Amazon Connect platform. As a premier partner with Amazon Web Services, we have focused our business on helping customers deliver digital transformations for their contact centers by leveraging our Centricity Platform, powered by Amazon Connect, combined with our managed services.

Our development and engineering teams build transformational contact center solutions that reduce call flow complexity, increase capabilities, and provide exceptional customer, agent, and business operations experiences.

Get the most out of Amazon Connect

The Amazon Connect platform provides many features out of the box with no development, such as dual-channel call recording, WebRTC (agent VoIP) for the agent call path, interactive IVR capabilities, standard call reports, and telecom services.

The power of Amazon Connect comes from the vast set of services in the Amazon eco-system that surrounds the Amazon Connect platform — such as Amazon Lex, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Comprehend and the newly released Amazon Contact Lens. By leveraging the Amazon eco-system, you can truly transform your customer touchpoints and contact center capabilities.

Managed services to maximize your cloud ROI

Why would a company need a Managed Services Provider to help with Amazon Connect? Let’s take the example of dual-channel call recording: Amazon provides recordings for both call channels. With these recordings, you can transcribe both channels using Amazon Transcribe and then utilize Amazon Comprehend to determine the sentiment of the call. In a lot of cases, customers do not have a technical team that can build these solutions, so leveraging an Amazon Connect Managed Services partner is the way to go.

For a fraction of the cost of a full-time equivalent employee, you can have an extremely experienced team help implement, build, maintain, and enhance your contact center capabilities.

The Centricity platform

CloudHesive’s team of Amazon Connect experts helps provide mission-critical support, management of call flow and other enhancements, and general oversight of your contact center stability. As a value-add with our Amazon Connect Managed Services, CloudHesive can provide our Centricity Customer Connect platform, which is powered by AWS services.

Centricity provides operational functions on top of the Amazon Connect platform. Some examples of these enhancements are custom agent call control for call dispositioning, custom dashboards for color coordination for SLAs and alerting, and wallboards.

Our Centricity platform helps drive your customer obsession. By utilizing a managed services partner that understands Amazon Connect and the traditional contact center, it will help you transform how you interact with your customer base.

Let CloudHesive help your company get the most out of Amazon Connect. Our team and platforms leverage the technology, network, and scale of Amazon Connect to provide a fully integrated customer support solution that’s perfect for the way you work today and how you’ll work tomorrow. Learn more by getting in touch with CloudHesive at 1-800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.